Corona Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Empowering Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities since 1959

Phone:    951.273.7320

Administrative Staff

Executive Director: Danny McCarns                                                    

     • Executive Director's Assistant: Kelsey Lemstra                             


Clinical Operations Manager:  Charlotte Dalton                              

      • Admissions Coordinator:  Charlotte Dalton


Manager of Administrative Services: Annette Vigil                       

      •  Staff Development Coordinator: Kim Smalley                                          

      •  HR Assistant & Payroll Clerk: Erik Siquian                            

      •  Receptionist and HR Assistant:  Cynthia Huipe                    

      •  Activities and Volunteer Coordinator: Samantha Jimenez 

      •  Activities Assistant: Alicia Acosta                                            

      •  Training Records: Pam Tooth                                                      


Accounting Manager: Maribel Melero (On Leave)                          

      •  Interim Accounting Manager: Raquel Krueger                      

      •  AP Clerk: Kimberly Calderon                                                      

      •  AP Clerk: Heather Edwards                                                         

      •  Medi-Cal Biller: Deborah Conte                                                 


Director of Development and Public Relations: Tracy Mauser    

      •  Development Assistant: Maureen Staib                                  

      •  Communications and Marketing Specialist: Isabel Tejada


Maintenance Supervisor: Anthony Martinez                                    

      •  Maintenance Assistant: Cecil Castro                                        

      •  Maintenance Assistant: David Cloutier                                    

      •  Maintenance Assistant: Ricardo Acosta                                  

      •  Bus Driver: Lorena Santillan                                                       

Facility Managers

FM for Evergreen: Cecilia Barrios                                                    

FM for Dudley: Santiago Mendoza                                                  

FM for Garrison: Eva Bedo                                                                 

FM for Wynn: Tim Isaac                                                                     

FM for Aspen and Cypress: Jessica Paz                                         

FM for Conner: Karina Castro                                                           

FM for C-Home: MaryEllen Angulo                                                  

FM for Roger: Nimfa Sabarias                                                          

FM for Del Park: Stella Zapata                                                         

FM for Villa: Terray Doty                                                                     

Home Administrators and Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP)

Administrator for VIP and Community Care Homes: Jessica Paz  

QIDP/Administrator for Evergreen and Villa: Eda Nacario              

QIDP/Administrator for Dudley and Del Park: Cyndi Lapina           

QIDP/Administrator for Conner and Roger: Macarius Elad            

QIDP/Administrator for Garrison and Wynn: Tonae Nolley             



RN for Conner and Dudley: Gerry Pasion                                       

RN for Garrison, Villa and Wynn: Harry Augustin                       

RN for Del Park: Cheryl Cardenas                                                    

RN for Evergreen and Roger: Norma Martinez                              

Peppermint Ridge

825 Magnolia Ave

Corona, CA  92879-3219


Phone:    951.273.7320

Fax:         951.737.0726




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